Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello world, here I come....

Hello to everyone and welcome to my blog!

I am a fairly-new mommy to a 13 month old boy. Everyday I learn a little bit more about motherhood and about my strengths and weaknesses. I dont know many people with small children and have started wondering if other moms where experiencing what I was. The same feelings about motherhood, parenting, and if my child was doing the same thing as other children his age. I will not lie, I was also looking for inspiration and advice from experienced mommies. Thats when I started looking up parenting blogs and I starting to find that I was not alone and that others are experiencing the same feelings as me. And as I was hoping, I found great advice and ideas that helped me 'step outside' my box.

In hopes that I would be able to offer ideas, advice and maybe put a smile on someones face...Im trying my hand at this thing called blogging. I wont promise that all my stories will be wildly entertaining or funny but I hope that everyone enjoys reading about my little piece of the world and that I can connect with some other moms out there, living the same semi-ordinary life as myself.

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