Friday, July 31, 2009

You Capture - Friends

This weeks You Capture theme is friends. I love my friends! They are my family. The one that I love the most is Michelley. She is one those rare gems of a friend that only come along once in a lifetime.

Here is a picture of her and Bubs on his 1st birthday:

Here is one of my favorite pictures of her and I from a few years back:

Here is a picture from the same night. It includes Michelley and Sandy but the other girls I no longer speak to:

And one last picture of my newest friend Brandi and I while she was pregnant:

And here is a few pictures with Bubs and his friends:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whatcha doin in there?

Bubs just started walking July 4th weekend. He started with walking 4 or 5 steps, from one person to the next. The next day, he decided to be a little more adventurous and walk the distance of a room. Its great when they start walking and are stubbling all over the place, arms in the air trying to keep their balance. Its great to watch and you know they are having the time of their life with their new found freedom.

There is still stubbling and falling and me gasping as he hits his eye, nose, head and thoughts of running to the ER cloud my thoughts. But Bubs is progressing nicely and is roaming the full range of the house. His favorite thing to do is go back and forth from the living room to his room, carrying toys with him and laughing.

This morning, as Im cooking breakfast, I notice that Bubs has been in his room a little longer than usual and I dont hear anything. Thats usually a sign that he is making a doody or doing something he is not supposed to. So, I decide to sneek to his bedroom door and quitely peek around the corner and this is what I see:

Yep, he has learned how to crawl up into his rocking chair. I would love to see how he does this but he refuses to perform while Im in the room thus far. Crawling into his chair has been his favorite pastime this weekend and he does it every time he goes into his bedroom. Hey, I cant blame him, the chair is pretty comfy. Now, I have just one more reason to not leave him unattended!

Another thing we had fun with this weekend was dinner time. Bubs is eating mainly big boy foods now but every once in awhile we 'll give him gerber fruits/veggies if he has not eaten much during the day. He can be pretty picky when he wants to. Bubs can also be quite silly during dinner time. On this particular night, he has decided that he is going to slurp the food off the spoon. Right after slurping he coughed, which resulted in sweet potatoes on him and myself but he didnt mind, he thought it was hilarious:

As you can see, we had a great, fun filled weekend. :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Sun

When Scoot and I got married 2 years ago, we talked about waiting a few years to have children. I had my reservations about waiting but thought it would be smart to buy a house first, etc. So, It came as a BIG surprise when I got that positive 1 month after our wedding. I was really shocked at first because for some reason, unknown to me, I felt like I wouldn't be able to have children. I guess the first thing that ran through my mind when I saw that + sign was, "I can have children!" and then the realization settled in and I started to panick a little. Was I excited? You betcha! Being a mother was always what I wanted to do. I wonder sometimes why I even went to college because being a SAHM is really my only career goal.

So, a friend came over and I jumped into her car in an excited frenzy and directed her to the nearest drugstore for more tests. Two tests later I was still pregnant and in shock. Scoot had school that night and as I waited for him to get home, I imagined how I would tell him the big news. I wanted to break it to him in some unique, witty way but my mind was not working at the moment. As he walked in the door and up the stairs, I was sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. I was so nervous I couldn't keep my legs still and as he saw me he asked if I was okay. He had no idea what was coming! He sat down and I just came out with it.."Your going to be a daddy". Poor Scoot thought it was a joke at first and another look at me told him it was true. We looked at each other and knew that our lives where about to the best way possible. Into the late hours of the night, we talked about what our child would be like and look like and we started down the path of parenthood.

Here we are, 2 years later with our 14-month old Bubs. He is so beautiful and so sweet. I often wonder what I did right to deserve such a wonderful gift. I truly believe my child is a gift that God chose to send to me at that moment in time. I cannot see where my life would be without him and thank God everyday that he has given us this child to love, to teach. Sometimes, I feel as if it is Bubs that is teaching us...teaching us how to love, how to be better individuals, how to be and do so many things that would not be if it wasn't for him.

I can only say that at this moment I am filled with love for my husband and child and feel incredibly blessed! I look forward to expanding our family and for the wonderful future that awaits us.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Sweet Boy - You Capture Black & White

One of the wonderful blogs I read does a You Capture challenge. I think this is a wonderful idea and decided to join in myself.
Here are some pictures of my sweet boy. They were taken at the zoo on his 1 year birthday:

And here is a picture of him and I that I absolutely love:

I absolutely love photography! I think if I could go back and start college all over again, thats what I would go for. I think I may join in on this You Capture more often!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gitchi Gitchi Goo

Remember the days when you came home from work, settled in on the couch with a super soft blanket and the remote and got some R & R while watching TV? I like to watch TBS after work. With shows like Friends, Seinfeld and Everyone Loves could it not put you in a good mood? I have to admit that Im somewhat of a TV junkie. I could sit there all day long in front of the tube and veg out.

Now the days of coming home to the comedic talent of Friends has been replaced by the Disney channel. Dont get me wrong, Disney has some fairly good shows. Not as good as when I was a kid though...80's cartoons rock! But Handy Manny, Phineas and Ferb and the Mickey Mouse Club aren't bad. Im actually beginning to enjoy them! Even though, Its hard not to become accustomed to something that is on day and night. My sons favorite cartoon at the moment is Handy Manny.

I find myself watching Disney even when cartoons aren't on. Wizards on Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are pretty entertaining. My husband makes fun of me because I tend to like tween shows. Hey, once I turn them on I find it hard to turn them off!

So, now that Ive been emersed in the world of kid tv, I have had this very catchy song in my head for a week now:

i said a
bow chika wow wow
thats what my baby says
mow mow mow
and my heart starts pumping
chika chika choo-op
never gonna stop
gitchi gitchi goo means that i love u!
i said a
bow chika wow wow
thats wat my baby said
mow mow mow
and my heart starts pumping
chika chika choo-op
never gonna stop
gitchi gitchi goo means that i love u! gitchi gitchi goo means that i love you gitchi gitchi goo means that i love you baby baby baby a baby baby baby baby GITCHI GITCHI GOO MEANS THAT I LOVE YOU !

Ah well, even though my tv time has been replaced with Disney, I have to say I quite like it. Instead of cuddling up on the couch by myself, I get to do it with my little man and its a very special part of my day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello world, here I come....

Hello to everyone and welcome to my blog!

I am a fairly-new mommy to a 13 month old boy. Everyday I learn a little bit more about motherhood and about my strengths and weaknesses. I dont know many people with small children and have started wondering if other moms where experiencing what I was. The same feelings about motherhood, parenting, and if my child was doing the same thing as other children his age. I will not lie, I was also looking for inspiration and advice from experienced mommies. Thats when I started looking up parenting blogs and I starting to find that I was not alone and that others are experiencing the same feelings as me. And as I was hoping, I found great advice and ideas that helped me 'step outside' my box.

In hopes that I would be able to offer ideas, advice and maybe put a smile on someones face...Im trying my hand at this thing called blogging. I wont promise that all my stories will be wildly entertaining or funny but I hope that everyone enjoys reading about my little piece of the world and that I can connect with some other moms out there, living the same semi-ordinary life as myself.